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  HunanTV News Report
  • "Love Strategy" will be Launched; Kim Jeong Hoon is going to Have His Birthday Celebration
  • Pingpong teenagers gathered in Changsha, trained for future games
  • Hu Yanbin with injured vocal cords: At Least I Have You
  • Wei Chen and Lu Dan: Make me warm
  • "Legend of Xiangxi"has won great popularity, major audiences are males
  • Large-Scale Activity
  • Happy China New Year Countdown Concert
  • Grand Ceremony of King-Shaman Table Tennis
  • Soccer Prince
  • I Am Champion
  •   Activity
  • Strictly ComeDancing
  • Just The Two Of Us
  • Soccer Prince
  • I Am Champion
  • Super Girls
  • Super Boys
  • Pingpong Carnival
  •   Program
      Advertisement price of Hunan TV Station China
  • Advertisement scheduling of program
  • Advertisement scheduling of evening program
  •   Video
      Happy China HunanTV Pro-motional Film
  • Happy China HunanTV Promotional Film 2
  • Happy China HunanTV Promotional Film 3
  • Happy China HunanTV Promotional Film 4
  • Hunantv inviting outside investment
  •   Overcast Information
      OVERSEA COVERAGE:One part of the newly carried out strategy, "Blue See", by Hunan TV
      One part of the newly carried out strategy, "Blue See", by Hunan TV, is to go across the border, march out to the world, invigorate national cultural industry and change "Made in Hunan" ...
      Foreign Cooperation
      LAST 1 STANDING is a contest in which the only aim is "Don't Give Up"where the only certainty is THEY WILL.
  • Fort Boyard

  • 1 VS 100

  • Strictly Come Dancing

  • Soccer Prince
  •   Emcees
      The simple happiness,I believe,is to eat while I am hungry and to go to sleep while I am tired --Wang Han
  • Li Xiang:Happiness is the most beautiful mood

  • He Jiong:Happiness is a kind of attitude

  • Yang Lan:Happiness is to dream what youdream

  • Cao Ying:Happiness is an expression of true love
  •   Special Topic
     Super Girls: Singing Loudly When-ever You Want;Let Music to trace wherever the sunshine covers.
  • Super Boy

  • Tonight I will playa big performance

  • I Am Champion?

  • China TV Golden Eagle Award
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