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Foreign Cooperation:Fort Boyard
www.hunantv.com | 2007-12-28 | Source:Hunantv

    The format FORT BOYARD is situated off the French west coast. There, a team of 5 contestants has to face seven challenges, three riddles and two adventures and the Treasure Room. To take possession of the Treasure, the 5 contestants arrive at Fort Boyard accompanied by the female Host. They are welcomed by the male Host and his two assistants who act as guides in the Fort (played by little men). The game starts after the presentation of the team, as the gong, which  activates the general chronometer strikes for the first time. 45 minutes later, a second gong is heard. The Tamer lets the tigers out to their cages and the Treasure Room door opens for a limited time.

    To enter the Treasure Room, the contestants must get five keys, which open the five locks of the Treasure Room door.

    The contestants get these five keys in the cells of the Fort, where they face Challenges, and in the Watchtower (the "Vigie"), where one contestant has to solve riddles set by the "Quizman".

    To open the chest, which contains the Treasure, the contestants have to guess the keyword or Code-word of the day. They deduce this code-word from the clues they get in a second form of challenges: the Adventures.

    At the second gong signalling the end of the 40 minutes game time, the process of opening the Treasure Room door is triggered and the Treasure Room chronometer starts for 3 minutes. The tigers are let out, the door opens, and the contestants have one attempt at composing the code-word they have decided on. If it is correct, they can gather as many golden coins - the Boyards - as possible and must leave the room before the door closes. The exact moment when the door is completely closed is the last second of the 3 minutes time allotted in the Treasure Room.

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